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Mosquito Control Using In2Care Mosquito Traps

Mosquitoes are a common pest in California, and they can cause discomfort and even disease. While there are several ways to control mosquitoes, many traditional methods rely on the use of pesticides, which can be harmful to the environment and humans. At Tiger Termite Control, we offer an innovative solution for mosquito control using In2Care mosquito traps. In this article, we’ll explore how In2Care mosquito traps work and why they’re an effective solution for mosquito control.

What are In2Care Mosquito Traps?

In2Care mosquito traps are a cutting-edge solution for mosquito control. The traps use a combination of a lure, a control agent, and a breeding site to attract and kill mosquitoes. The trap contains a solution that targets mosquito larvae and adult mosquitoes, effectively reducing the mosquito population in the treated area.

How Do In2Care Mosquito Traps Work?

The In2Care mosquito trap uses a combination of a lure and a control agent to attract and kill mosquitoes. The lure contains an odor that attracts female mosquitoes to the trap, where they lay their eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae come into contact with the control agent, which is a slow-acting larvicide. The larvae then spread the larvicide to other breeding sites, reducing the mosquito population in the treated area.

Why Are In2Care Mosquito Traps an Effective Solution?

In2Care mosquito traps are an effective solution for several reasons. First, the traps target both adult mosquitoes and larvae, reducing the mosquito population at all stages of their lifecycle. Second, the control agent used in the trap is a slow-acting larvicide, which allows the larvae to spread it to other breeding sites, further reducing the mosquito population. Finally, In2Care mosquito traps are an environmentally-friendly solution that doesn’t rely on pesticides or harmful chemicals.

How to Use In2Care Mosquito Traps

In2Care mosquito traps are easy to use and require minimal maintenance. Simply place the trap in an area with high mosquito activity, such as near standing water or in a shaded area. The trap should be placed away from areas where people and pets spend time, such as patios and decks.


If you’re looking for an effective and environmentally-friendly solution for mosquito control, consider using In2Care mosquito traps. At Tiger Termite Control, we offer professional mosquito control services that use In2Care mosquito traps to protect your home from mosquitoes. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our mosquito control services. Let us help you enjoy your outdoor spaces without the hassle of mosquitoes.

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