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Is fumigation is a Good option?

When some homeowners hear the term fumigation, they are apprehensive. Some are concerned about inhaling harmful fumes or dealing with leftover residue. While it is natural to be concerned, with our fumigation process you can be certain that your safety is a priority for us.

Vikane is a gas not a liquid
In our fumigations, we use the Dow Chemical Company product Vikane. The product, sulfuryl fluoride, is introduced into your home at a controlled rate and to a controlled level. We only use as much as is needed to kill the pests. Since Vikane is a gas there is no residue left behind.

Your home is thoroughly ventilated
Once the fumigation process is complete, we use fans to aerate your home. We will make sure that less than 1 part per million remains after the required aeration period. This number is a safety margin and is considered extremely safe. Laboratory animals exposed to 100 parts per million of sulfuryl fluoride for two weeks showed no adverse effects. We also make sure that no detectable levels of Vikane remain within 24 hours after aeration begins.

An irritant is added to the gas to protect you
In the same way mercaptan is added to odorless natural gas – so you can easily detect a leak – a low amount of a warning agent is added to sulfuryl fluoride. This warning agent will cause irritation to the eyes or throat. In the unlikely event that this should occur, simply exit the building and contact us so we can retest your home.

We are trained
Not everyone is allowed to fumigate homes for a reason – your safety. Since we use Vikane, the Dow Chemical Company requires we adhere to their training and application standards — something we gladly do since your safety is our priority as well. To learn more about fumigation read our Prepare Your Home in Five Easy Steps.

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