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Signs to Look for to Determine if Your Home is Infested

Termite infestation can be a real problem for home owners. Despite their size, termites can cause extreme damage to the most vital components to your home; compromising your home’s structural integrity. Determining whether or not you may have a problem is the first step of proper termite control.

Here are some signs to look for when determining if your home may be infested by termites:

  • Check for swarms: The appearance of a swarm may indicate trouble. These insects will look much like what most of us refer to as “flying ants.” Warm and wet days of spring and autumn are the most common times to see a swarm.
  • Damage to shingles, siding, or wood: Buckling paint or tiny holes in wood are signs of termite infestation. Wood can also appear to be crushed or frail. If possible, check for signs of tunneling in damaged wood. Tunnels will most likely run along the grain of the wood.
  • Check for mud-like substances outside of holes on wood surfaces: Once holes and tunnels are dug by termites, they tend to use a mud-like substance to cover holes and construct tubes for travel. This substance will be apparent around areas where termites are feeding and digging.
  • Check for shed wings: Piles of shed wings can appear around areas were termites enter and exit tunnels. These wings indicate the termites are entering their next developmental stage.
  • Look for signs of subterranean tunneling: Termites use subterranean mud tunnels to travel from one food source to the next or from a food source to a nest. These tunnels are usually about the circumference of a pencil and allow termites to travel through terraces, patio areas, stucco siding, porches, and foundations.

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