Preventative Steps for Termite Control

There are a large number of potential protective steps that can be taken to reduce the possibility of a termite infection in your household. Once a termite colony is established, it almost always requires professional intervention to fully eradicate. “A termite colony consists of anywhere from 350,000 to well over a million workers, soldiers, and swarmers (termites with wings). A single termite queen can lay thousands of eggs per day and live between 30 and 50 years. That means a queen can recoup her losses and repopulate her colony even after tremendous devastation. The best way to fight this foe is to prevent them from ever touching your home.” By learning about the necessary strategies for termite control, it should be possible to live without the fear of insect infestation.

Eliminate Decaying Wood Material in Your Backyard

Wood material which is decaying will often quickly be infected by termites. A dying or dead tree, wood stumps and even a pile of garden waste are all potential attractions for termites. Once an ideal food source in your backyard becomes depleted, they will typically target a new food source, which can easily be the wood in your home. Eliminate this material from your backyard before it begins to become an issue to avoid hosting termite colonies near your home. Avoid planting trees or shrubs close to the house and store firewood far away from its foundation.

Maintain and Protect the Barrier of Your Home

Termites are often able to invade your home through cracks or holes in the foundation. Routinely check for such cracks. Termites require water to live as well. If there are any leaks in your home, fix them to avoid providing a preferable habitat for termites. This includes standing pools of water around your home as well.

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