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Oranges not an alternative to whole house fumigation!

Oranges not an alternative to whole house fumigation!

Some companies have been misleading consumers about the safety and effectiveness of treatments using orange oil (d-Limonene) products. Before you spend thousands of dollars you need to get the facts.

(1) Orange oil is a spot treatment. Only detected, accessible colonies can be treated by drilling small holes into which d-limonene (citrus oil) is injected. (2) Orange oil is not equivalent to a fumigation. Fumigations are whole house treatments and kill all detected and undetected termites, including those inaccessible for spot treatments. (3) Effectiveness. The effectiveness of spot treatments will vary considerably based on the techniques and experience of the applicator. In unpublished research conducted by the University of Florida, it was found that after a citrus oil treatment, 50% of the termites survived in the treated wood. R.H. Scheffrahn University of Florida

Basically, what these companies are selling is a one or two-year treatment plan. You pay several thousand dollars upfront for the first treatment and this entitles you to an undetermined number of re-treatments. There are two main problems: (1) They are only treating the visible termites. Any undetected termites will never be treated and will continue to cause damage. (2) You are responsible for determining the success or failure of the treatment. It is likely the termites have been temporally suppressed or have just been relocated. At the end of the policy you will need to purchase another treatment plan “because your house is likely to still have termites in it somewhere” and this will continue as long as you own the home.

The bottom line is this: if your house has a minor infestation, then a spot treatment may be the right choice for you. However, if your home has a severe infestation, then a whole house treatment is probably best. The fact is that not all houses need to be fumigated and not all houses can be spot treated. We will give you an honest evaluation and a free estimate. Don’t work with a company that only offers spot treatments for controlling Drywood Termites. When determining the proper treatment plan consider the location, the quantity and age of the infestations. We offer both fumigations and local treatments. Please call today (909) 597-6953

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