drywood termite

Drywood Termites

Among the many different types of termites that a homeowner will have to deal with are Drywood termites. These insects live inside large colonies wherever there is a large amount of dry wood. They can bring in a great deal of workers, and can have a few thousands. They are different from others in the classification as they do not live underground nor do they make their homes out of mud like others. They also do not produce the same kind of feces that underground insects of the same classification do. The pellets that are produced from their digestive systems will be the first signs that you might have these in or around your home. They can eat through wooded areas that are new and old alike.

In Brief

Drywood termites can grow upwards of 7/16 of an inch long and can sometimes have wings. They have a variant of colors on their body, which can be dark brown or light yellow in hues. This insect type can have a great deal of workers in the nest, and over time, after one colony is in a mature state, they will start to produced winged workers that will fly away to establish new areas to live.

There are two different types of drywood classes in terms of attraction to light and swarming. One type loves the lights of a window or high contrast lighting. Some prefer daytime and are known to swarm and become a spectacle to see. While there are a great number of swarming insects that leave their home, only a very select few actually survive to establish a new colony location and lasts long enough to get it to full maturity. Moisture is not crucial to them, which is something interesting to note, as the dryer the wood the more likely they will start to infest a home.

Pest Control

It is not uncommon to confuse these winged insects for other types of pests. Some have even stated that they look like ants since they can be quite small. They don’t start swarming until they have a mature colony, at which point it’s important to make sure that a professional is called in to investigate and kill all the pests and make sure they do not return over time.

The reason why you don’t want these in or around your home is that they can take out the wooden areas on any given home as the wood is often times dry. Dry wooded areas can take time to start showing wear and tear due to these insects sawing away at the fibers. With that in mind, it’s important to call in an exterminator at any inclination that there’s something wrong. If you don’t get help immediately, you could end up with damage that will require serious construction work to repair.
An exterminator can swiftly get the job done by spreading pesticide that will kill the swarmers, kill the colony, and place safe guards that can resist reformation over time. A check up every few months can be scheduled to ensure that they do not return or any other type of insect returns to react. Drywood termites aren’t necessarily dangerous to humans, but they are definitely a danger to the home.

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