How to Compare Termite Inspection Reports

How to Compare Termite Inspection Reports

Termite reports consist of findings (i.e. termite infestations, termite damage, fungus damage, etc.) and recommendations to correct these findings.

Reports prepared by various companies SHOULD list the same findings. However, recommendations to correct these findings MAY vary from company to company.

In reality, almost no two termite reports are ever the same. The accuracy of the findings depends entirely on the inspector’s experience, honesty, and work ethic. The recommendations depend on the company’s policies and guidelines.

To Compare the Reports:

First, make sure that both companies have the same findings. It is entirely possible that one company found more termites and/or damage than the other one found.

Second, make sure the recommendations are the same. Some companies remove and replace the damaged wood while others simply patch over it. If you see the following recommendation on a report, “We recommend damaged wood be repaired or replaced,” the company is planning to patch, not replacing the damaged wood.

Third, check to see what products they use. Some companies use old outdated or untested foreign products. These products are cheaper but are usually less effective than newer eco-friendly products.

Fourth, what’s the warranty? Some companies do not offer any warranty whatsoever.

The number one mistake people make when choosing a termite company is that they assume that all companies provide the same level of service. This notion leads them to pick based on price alone. Unfortunately, this process generally leads to an awful experience. A guy who looks a little “questionable” shows up and does a lousy job.

Remember the level of service companies provide varies tremendously. At Tiger Termite Control we provide honest, accurate inspections, safe effective treatments, and high quality repairs. We stand behind our work and add value to the properties we service. I guarantee it.

By Paul Davis Owner/Operator Tiger Termite Control Inc.

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