10 Ways Termite Companies Cut Corners

Top 10 Ways Termite Companies Cut Corners

1. Patching wood that needs to be replaced – This is the number one way consumers get ripped off. Patching over severely damaged exterior wood is only a temporary fix. The damage is still there and will need further attention down the road.

2. Diluting chemicals – Termite companies performing local treatments for both subterranean and drywood termites can easily dilute the chemical they use in order to cut their costs. Some termites die but others simply rebuild the colony.

3. Less than recommended amount of fumigant – In order to reduce expenses some fumigators use less than the recommended amount of Vikane. This leads to much higher fumigation failure rates.

4. Using low grade wood – Using interior or low grade wood that was never meant to be used at the exterior. The weather causes cracks and warping soon after installation.

5. Not following building codes – Not following proper building codes leads to unsafe conditions.

6. Using Outdated Products – Many companies use low cost, inferior products as a result, some termites die, but others simply move deeper into the wood.

7. Not covering up old termite droppings – Some companies don’t cover the old termite droppings as required by law. This leads to misidentification and confusion later down the road.

8. Not replacing the full length of the board – Everything from posts, trim and fascia boards but the short pieces don’t look very good nor will they hold up to sun and rain.

9. Hiring inexperienced poorly trained workers – Some of these guys try their best, but lack of experience and low pay doesn’t make for good repairs.

10. Recommending unnecessary repairs – Up selling services like rodent work, attic insulation, termite baits and an array of services that may not even be needed.

The number one mistake people make when choosing a termite company is; they assume that all companies provide the same level of service. This notion leads them to pick based on price alone. Unfortunately this process generally leads to an awful experience. A guy that looks a little “questionable” shows up and does a lousy job. Remember the level of service companies provide varies tremendously. At Tiger Termite Control we provide honest, accurate inspections, safe effective treatments and high quality repairs. We stand behind our work and add value to the properties we service. I guarantee it.

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by Paul Davis Owner/Operator Tiger Termite Control Inc.

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