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Wasps and Hornets Require Professional Pest Control

Have you suddenly noticed wasps or hornets around your home? Have you been stung or are you afraid you or your children might be stung? Then it’s time to call a professional pest control service to take care of this serious problem.

There are many types of wasps and they can be difficult to identify for a non-professional. Each type may have different habitats and different remediation techniques. They can live in the ground, under a rock, behind the wood shutters on your home, or burrow into your wood siding. If they work their way through your walls, they can end up building colonies in heating ducts and be very difficult to eradicate.

While wasps and hornets usually die off over the winter in northern climates, in the warmer climate of Southern California, wasps and hornets can build huge year-round nests. With their agressive nature, they can become a true danger to humans and pets. Those people who are allergic to wasp venom can go into anaphylactic shock after being stung even once. Without prompt medical intervention, death is a likely outcome. When a yellow jacket is killed, it releases a scent which summons other yellow jackets to come to defend it. The result is that one yellow jacket has suddenly turned into a swarm.

For all of those chilling reasons, control and remediation of wasps and hornets is a job best left to the professionals. At Tiger Termite and Pest Control, we make a thorough inspection to determine exactly which type of pest is causing problems. After identification, we treat the problem with the best method available for that type of stinging critter.

So instead of trying to do-it-yourself, contact us at Tiger Termite and Pest Control for a free inspection and an estimate as to the scope of your problem and how it can be treated. Don’t subject yourself or your family to the dangers of stinging pests.

Call Tiger Termite at (909) 597-6953 for a free estimate.

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