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Pest Control Companies Can Help Manage Fire Ant Invasions in Chino Hills

Pest Control Companies Can Help Manage Fire Ant Invasions in Chino Hills

Spring is close at hand and pest control companies in Chino Hills know that means before long, fire ant mounds will be popping up all over our area. Most Californians are already accustom to seeing red fire ants but this year, they may notice another biting invader in their mist. Unfortunately, black fire ants have also been making their way across the nation. Their scientific name is Solenopsis richteri and experts widely agree that the insects traveled here from South America. Their colonies started out small and were confined to a few areas. However, they’ve been expanding their range and some people believe that they’ve already made it to parts of California.

Visually speaking, there is not too much that separates the red ants from the black ones other than coloration. They also seem to share life cycle and behavior characteristics too. Consequently, it is not uncommon to see colonies of both red and black fire ants living on the same, large properties. Each type of fire ant tends to be very aggressive and seemingly has no problems attacking anything or anyone that disturbs a nesting site. In addition, the bites of both red and black ants are known to cause allergic reactions in some humans and domestic animals.

If you suspect black fire ants have begun to nest on your property, it’s important to call our pest control company in Chino Hills. We can confirm if it is a colony of black fire ants or another dark-colored species. The list of examples of other species property owners might find crawling around in springtime includes, but doesn’t end with carpenter, pharaoh, house, Argentinean and southern fire ants. Once our pest control pros confirm that they’re black fire ants, we can take steps to control them with broadcast or mound specific chemicals. To set up a property inspection and pest control treatments with our team, please contact us online today.

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