Organic Methods to Stopping Ants From Entering Your Garden or Home

When ants enter your home for the summer, chances are you’re going to go buy a can of ant spray or ant traps for a quick fix. These might be considered the fast food of doing away with ants since any can of Raid can take care of an insect problem temporarily. Long term, though, getting rid of ants without professional help can be a challenge.

In some cases, that particular spray could potentially cause health problems if it’s inhaled too often around your home. It’s why you may prefer to use organic methods to get rid of ants. Various methods exist that work successfully for many people around the world.

Use Jelly to Attract Ants to Poisonous Baits

If you decide to buy any ant baits, place some jelly on masking tape around the indoor areas where you think the ants are coming in. It’s much easier to attract the ants to the poison when you can attract them to something else first.

Organic Methods for Your Garden and Trees

The Chicago Tribune recently interviewed an author named Loren Nancarrow who’s co-written a book about organic ant-killing methods. In the piece, it’s suggested that chili vinegar is the best to spray on fruit trees. She also recommends a recipe for an organic indoor ant trap that involves mixing boric acid and corn syrup. This method has been proven to gradually kill off ants in the nest, even if it may be a little too slow. Poisonous boric acid, as well, has to be handled with care.

Try Mint

Mint is said to naturally deter many insects. Ants supposedly don’t like mint and it can be sprayed around gardens to keep them away. In Australia, pennyroyal mint is frequently grown in gardens to deter ants and other insects.

Of course, not all organic methods are a guarantee of success when ants are so persistent. Contact us if you need help in ridding your home of ants with our fumigation system.

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