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Flea Infestation Needs Professional Pest Control

Did you know there are over 200 species of fleas in the United States? Not only are they a horrible nuisance, fleas aren’t easy to eradicate. Many times you can fight a long, exhausting and expensive battle only to have them return a few weeks later. And to make matters worse, not owning a pet doesn’t make you immune to a flea infestation.

Fleas have a four stage life cycle, going from egg to larvae to pupa and finally adult, with the cycle being complete within a few weeks to months depending on environmental conditions. An adult female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day after her first blood meal. As she lays these eggs on your pet they fall off and eventually become worm-like larvae hiding deep withing carpeting or furniture, making them hard to see and kill. To make matters worse, when they turn to pupae they are resistant to insecticide.

Signs of Infestation

  •  Your pet is scratching uncontrollably. One flea can actually bite 350 times per day.
  •  You are finding itchy chigger-like bumps on your legs and ankles.
  • Upon inspection, you are seeing small dark specks (flea feces) in your pets fur. When squished the feces will show up red as it is full of blood.
  • Try the white sock test. For some reason fleas are attracted to white. Wear a pair of white socks around your home. If fleas are present you will see them appear in short time on the fabric.

How to keep your home flea free

  • Keep your pets treated year round with flea medication from your vet.
  • Treat your yard with insect control measures aimed at fleas.
  • Keep your pets bedding inside and outside of the home clean.
  • Vacuum often, including out of the way areas and furniture. 

You still will most likely find yourself with a flea problem at some point, especially if you have pets. Even if you don’t own a dog or cat, or they don’t venture outside, fleas will jump onto humans and find their way indoors. Foggers, natural treatments, and sprays are readily available, but due to the flea’s ability to hide, their ability to repel treatment during certain stages, their sheer number of eggs, and their unpredictable cycle, you can spend many months and waste a lot of money trying to do it yourself. A professional pest control specialist can take the frustration out of flea control.

For a free, no obligation pest control consultation we invite you to contact us. In business since 1997 in the Inland Empire and Orange County, CA area, Tiger Termite Control can provide customized service to meet your needs.

Flea image courtesy of wikipedia

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