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Don’t Let Spiders in your Home Take Control

While spiders are more of a nuisance rather than a danger, that doesn’t mean you want them parading around your home in Corona, CA. Spotting one of these 8 legged pests in your house can cause you to question how many arachnids are living a leisurely life in your home. Though their presence is known for controlling other types of pests, nobody wants a legion of spiders residing under their roof. If you’ve noticed an increase in spider activity in your home, the following facts and preventive measures can help you get a better handle on the situation.

Facts About Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider

  • The female house spider has a rounded abdomen and is larger than the male house spider who has an elongated body.
  • A spider usually chooses to weave its web in a location with high humidity because such places often attract their prey. If the web isn’t lucrative in capturing insects, the spider has no problem abandoning the spot and venturing to a different area to set up a new trap.
  • If you see an increase of spiders wandering your home in the later summer months, they are probably recently matured male spiders searching for a female to mate with.
  • Like us, spiders need water, and that’s why we sometimes spot them in our sinks and bathtubs. If you’re concerned the pest entered your home through a drain, its more likely that they were already living in your residence and came out into the open due to their thirst.

How To Control The Spiders In Your Home

Sealing cracks in your homes exterior will limit a spiders access to your property. Patching holes in your door and window screens are also key steps to keeping the pest out. If there are gaps at the bottom of your doors, consider the use of weather

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