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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Tiger Termite Control

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Tiger Termite Control

Since 1997, Tiger Termite Control has been your local residential termite and pest control service throughout the Inland Empire and Orange County. With a history of being problem solvers for our customers, we’re focused on delivering the highest quality of products and treatments available. And with core values that are based on transparency and trust, you can count on us to protect your home with dedication and integrity.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Tiger Termite should be your number one choice:

  1. We never patch wood that needs to be replaced – You can feel secure that we are doing the job right the first time by replacing the wood that needs it, instead of offering a temporary fix by patching over severely damaged exterior wood.
  2. We don’t dilute chemicals – We don’t cut corners when it comes to using the recommended amount of chemicals to treat your residence.
  3. We will always use the right amount of fumigant – In order to successfully rid your home of all termites, we will employ the recommended amount of Vikane, nothing less.
  4. We won’t use low-grade wood – Interior or low-grade wood should never be installed on the exterior. To prevent weather cracks and warping, you can feel confident that we will use the correct grade of wood for the job.
  5. We will follow building code requirements at all times – You can feel safe knowing that we always follow proper building codes.
  6. We never use outdated products – We won’t try to cut costs by using old, cheap products that don’t work any longer.
  7. We will cover up old termite droppings – Our goal is to exterminate the termites in your home and cover their droppings, as required by law. That way, you will know the pests are truly gone.
  8. We replace the full length of the board – You can be sure that we will take the time to make your residence look nice. From posts and trim to fascia, we will restore boards with full-length replacements, not short pieces that never hold up to sun and rain.
  9. We only hire experienced, skillfully-trained workers – Our services are performed by highly trained, state-licensed experts who provide you with the maximum level of termite service and technical termite expertise in the industry.
  10. We don’t recommend unnecessary repairs – We will always be honest with you and offer valuable feedback regarding the state of your home, but we won’t offer you anything that is not needed.

At Tiger Termite Control we provide honest, accurate inspections, safe effective treatments and high quality repairs. We stand behind our work and add value to the properties we service.

We Never Cut Corners. I guarantee it. By Paul Davis Owner/Operator

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