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Argentine Ants

Amongst the many characterizations of insects, one of the most common pests that you’ll find in the home can be simply called ants. However, when it comes to extermination, knowing what you’re dealing with is key to getting the right solution for the problem. In the case of Argentine Ants, specific extermination is required. With that in mind, it’s also important to know a little bit of information about the species and what to look out for, in case you need to call an exterminator.

In Brief

This type of insect is native to South American countries, but in the 20th century robust traveling methods, the species has been brought to Northern America and has around the world. It is categorized as one of the most prominent pests in the home, throughout the United States. This introduction of pests from around the world is commonplace with so many traveling around the world, introducing new species into areas they would normally not be native to.

The reason why these are quite interesting to some, is that they behave in a different manner than all other types of common ant. They do not attack nor do they compete with the colony or anything of that nature. They work together with such proficiency that it’s not uncommon to see what are known as super colonies form. They are a rare breed that also can intermingle with others, playing ambassador to other colonies without attack or competition, which makes them far more dangerous than the average pest you might find in the home. All it takes is 10 workers and 1 queen to establish a colony, so they can spread fast and infiltrate most common areas in the home and then infest with relative ease.

Pest Control

Much like other insects, Argentine Ants infest a home and search for food, water, or anything that might be able to be taken back to the nest. Because the queen to worker ratio is lower than most other types, killing off one major queen does not solve the problem, which makes this type of pest far more resilient than others. While one colony and queen could be taken out, there could be far more in the surrounding areas of a home, with its own established queen and thousands of workers in the nest.

Common methods that are used to kill other types of ants will not work with the Argentine type. The reason is that it’s impractical, as aforementioned, they stretch themselves across several colonies, so while you could utilize over the counter items to kill of some, it’s near impossible for the average homeowner to get the job done without professional assistance. It is often times advised NOT to spray them, as it can cause them to start laying more eggs, creating a far more difficult nuisance than when first starting up.

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