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Are spiders becoming a problem in your home?

When people think of pests, spiders aren’t usually the first creatures that come to mind.  Most species aren’t harmful to human beings, and they’re known for devouring insects such as mites and flies that have made their way into your home or backyard.  An occasional small and harmless spider, making a little web in a corner of a room, typically isn’t a big problem and can be disposed of easily if needed.

Problems with spiders arise when they become too great in number, and when the ones in your home are of a more dangerous variety.

When there are too many spiders in your home, they become an unpleasant sight; their frequent appearances crawling all over walls, floors, and furniture can understandably put people on edge.  They can also get into various inconvenient places, including your clothing.  Though spiders won’t seek you out to attack you, they do bite in defense.  Most spider bites aren’t painful but may still leave marks on your skin, particularly if you’re sensitive.

In California, one spider that’s particularly feared is the black widow, a venomous species that seeks out sheltered spots near the ground; likely places include stacks of firewood on your porch, or old crates and boxes in your basement.  Though death from black widow venom is extremely rare, their bite is tremendously painful and can cause various unpleasant reactions, including fever and chills.  In most people, the symptoms will abate after a day or two, but sometimes hospitalization is required; both children and elderly people have an increased risk for a severe reaction.  If you or your loved ones are ever bitten, get medical help.

Another feared spider that can appear in California homes is the tarantula, which has a frightening appearance: large, hairy, and fanged.  They can crop up in a number of places inside and outside your home, ranging from crawl spaces to swimming pool filters.  While they aren’t quite the monsters that exist in popular imagination, their bite is also painful and may induce allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Some basic steps towards reducing the number of spiders in your home is to rid yourself of other bugs, whether they be ants or roaches, mites or flies; spiders show up in larger numbers when there are many other bugs around to feast on.  You can also reduce the number of locations in your home that spiders might enjoy as shelters, including unused boxes and whatever excess clutter you may have in a dark closet, garage, attic, or basement.  If you’re in San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, or Los Angeles County, you can also contact us and benefit from our effective pest control services.

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