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Ants: The Pests Many Homeowners Deal With

Once you have ants inside your home, it may appear as though they keep multiplying, right before your eyes. These pesky bugs just won’t go away. Once you swat one away, there are ten other ants right behind that one. The reason for this is ants live and travel in colonies with a queen ant that lays the eggs and the rest of the colony is made up of worker ants. These ants work together to find food and shelter for the colony. Ants communicate with each other, by leaving a chemical message that whose pheromones other ants can only detect. These scents trail helps other ants find food and shelter, and will persist for a long period of time.

These pesky insects will occasionally live outside the home, but will travel inside the house to find food for their colony. This issue is present most often during warmer seasons, such as the spring or summer.  In this scenario, homeowners should seal off visible cracks, which provide easy access into the home for ants. Homeowners will want to use strong cleaning products outside their home to diminish the scented trail the ants had left. Though homeowners can do their part in trying to eliminate entry ways into the home, many times pest control professionals will need to be called for assistance.

Some colonies have their nest in the actual house, and in this case ants will likely present a problem year round. This scenario causes the most destruction for homeowners since certain ants can cause damage to the wood in the home. Aside from structural damage, ant colonies will multiply due to the shelter of the home and will infest food in the house. In this case, a professional should be called since insecticides and DIY remedies will only deliver short-term results. Even if, a majority of the colony is destroyed, the colony can quickly repopulate and reach original numbers in a short time. To thoroughly eliminate in-house ants, the colony nest will totally need to be destroyed.

Ants in the home, is not an easy task to take on by yourself and can be quite frustrating.  Please contact us, and let us help. We offer a free evaluation and consultation, and we will create a customized service designed for a specific home’s infestations needs. You don’t need to fight these pesky ants alone!

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