Mori’s Memento

Mori’s Memento was the opening act at The Coach House on December 29th for Jack Russel’s Great White band. They played about five songs that included a couple of originals. They put on a fantastic show and if you ever get a chance to see them, I recommend you do.

From their website: We a band out of Los Angeles, California that wants to revive the powerful rock and metal of the Sunset Strip in the 1980s. We want to have the powerful drums and vocals of the 80s hair metal scene, the grunge of the 90s, and the ripping solos and guitar harmonies of the modern metal scene. We want to show people that rock is alive, and it’s here to stay. We want to reinvent the Sunset Strip rock scene, and we want to follow the footsteps of our heroes in the hopes that we can have the influence over people that our heroes have over us.

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