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Fumigation: Enjoy a Get-Away While We Take the Drywoods Awa

Drywood Termites. They are a little different than their usual cousins–the subterranean termites. Drywoods don’t live down in the soil and munch primarily on wet wood. No, Drywoods find nice dry wood–like that found in your lovely home–to be quite delectable, thank you, no added moisture necessary.

Although they normally live outside in dead trees, brush, firewood, etc., when residential neighborhoods are built in the Drywood’s primary habitat, the man-made structures become open to attack and infestation.

The Drywoods are happy to enter your home through joints in exposed wood trim, attic vents, window sills, foundations, under wood shingles or eaves–anywhere there is a crack or inviting opening.

Since they don’t require soggy wood that would likely attract your attention, they can live secretly in seemingly solid wood undiscovered for long periods of time. But a sharp eye can sometimes detect their presence by way of tiny fecal pellets discarded through “kick holes” or by close examination of wood that has a hollow sound when tapped.

If you suspect that Drywood Termites have taken up residence in your home, don’t despair, they are not beyond reach. A trained professional can conduct a thorough inspection to determine the degree of infestation and damage and develop a plan to kill and control them. A variety of methods are available, including heat, cold, electric shock, chemical, microwave and whole house fumigation. (Unproven, “alternative” methods are also out there, such as “biological control,” but beware–they are still in the research and development stage and you don’t want to be their guinea pig.)

While it’s definitely not a pleasant experience to find out that you have Drywood Termites, every cloud has a silver lining, so the saying goes, and this is no exception.

Should professional inspection confirm their presence and lead you to determine that fumigation is the best method for you, it really isn’t as traumatic as it may sound. Fumigation is safe, proven effective and usually costs less than some guinea pig approach.

Hey–look on the bright side…you get to enjoy a little get-away while we take the Drywoods away! You, your plants and your pets can visit friends, enjoy a couple days at the beach or book that spa weekend you’ve been promising yourself.

Bottom line…don’t worry. The experts at Tiger Termite Control will take care of everything and you’ll return home knowing the pests are gone and your home and possessions are safe.

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