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FAQs about Termites and Fumigation

If the exterminator has recommended fumigation as the best method to eliminate destructive termites from your home, you may be concerned about the procedure and safeguarding your family’s health. Since fumigation can be performed only by trained and certified professionals, you can be assured that every precaution will be taken to protect the safety of the home’s residents.

Why Fumigation?

Termite infestations may be localized in certain areas of your home’s structure and so may be exterminated with the use of local applications.  But when termites have invaded the entire structure and the infestation areas are inaccessible, your exterminator might recommend a fumigation.

How do I prepare for fumigation?

  • No one will be allowed inside the home during the fumigation procedure. In addition, you should remove any other living creatures, such as pets, fish tanks and plants.  Even stored seeds for planting and bulbs must also be removed.
  • Remove all medicines and food or seal them in special bags provided by the exterminator.
  • Read all documentation provided to you from the exterminator on how to prepare your home and make arrangements to stay elsewhere for the duration of the fumigation. This may be two days to several days.

How does the exterminator determine when it is safe to return to the house?

The exterminator will use special instruments that can measure very low concentrations of fumigant. The area will be deemed safe and you will be cleared to return when the concentration of fumigant is 1 part per million or less. The fumigants do not leave residue on furniture or other household items and structures.

Although the prospect of fumigation may not be a pleasant one, the eradication of termites is essential to protect the integrity of your home’s structure and its value. Contact us at Tiger Termite Control for a free evaluation and consultation of your pest control problem.

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