Why Should I use Tiger Termite?

We provide honest, accurate inspections, safe effective treatments, and high-quality repairs. We stand behind our work and will add value to your home.

What Do You Do?

Termite inspections, termite treatments, termite damage repairs, Vikane fumigations, and pest control services.

Where do you go?

Inland Empire, Orange County and portions of Los Angeles County

When can you come out?

Monday through Saturday appointments are available.

Do you use Orange Oil?


Do you charge a termite inspection fee?

Onsite estimates and consultations are free in most cases, we also provide termite inspection reports for real estate transactions, escrow or refinances for a nominal fee. Restrictions apply. Call for details.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, all work is 100% guaranteed, the length and terms depend on the services provided.

Do I need to wash clothing, dishes or countertops after having my  home fumigated?

No, after a property has been certified there is no need to wash anything.

Will the fumigation damage my roof?

The fact is the vast majority of properties will have little or no roof damage at all.

Will the fumigation damage my exterior plants?

With proper planning and a quality fumigator, plant damage rarely occurs.

How long does the fumigation process normally take?

Normally two nights is all that is needed.

Does fumigation leave any residue?

No, once the property has been aerated there is nothing left behind.

What do I need to remove from my home while preparing for fumigation?

In general, all people, plants, pets and baby mattresses must be removed. All food and medicine must be bagged or removed.

Should I remove baby toys and/or pet toys?

Baby mattresses must be removed, but toys do not need to be removed.

Do fumigations kill other insects?

Yes, most insects will die during a fume; however, since there is no residue left behind new bugs can enter.

How will I know it is safe to re-enter my home after fumigation?

The property will be tested and certified safe for re-entry, and the crew will place a re-entry sign on the front door.

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