How to Identify Your Ant Problem

You know when you have an ant problem. They start showing up on the kitchen floors, on the counters, even the bathroom. You make sure to put the dishes away and wipe down surfaces, but that will only do so much. Ant control starts with identifying your ant problem properly.

Identifying the ants causing your problem requires taking notes of the appearance of the ant, its behavior and food preferences as well as its location in relation to your home or office. For example, the Argentine ant is the most common in Southern California. It is small (about 1/8 of an inch), a dull brown over the entire body and lives in a colony of millions. It can be quickly identified by its fast-moving trail commonly seen in California along sidewalks, baseboards, up walls and along plant-life. The Argentine ant’s fondness for sweets and oils from other insect excretion and people’s food means it tends to live in soil and mulch near shrubs, trees, and buildings.

Since species of ants behave differently, knowing the species you are dealing with if half the battle. While some species require simple ant control and an extra clean space to prevent them from returning, certain species like the Southern fire ant can prove to be a health and safety hazard, requiring a different tack in your ant control treatment and prevention.

If you are having trouble identifying the ants, UC Davis has a great website full of information to assist you in identifying your ant problem. If you want professionals to do it for you or are ready to implement ant control for your home or office, contact Tiger Termite at (909) 597-6953 for a free estimate.

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