Ant Control – Simple Solutions

When an ant problem first presents itself, most people reach for the ant spray. But the truth is that ant sprays are ineffective for keeping ants at bay because they will only deter the ants from that particular spot for a certain amount of time, which is until the spray wears or is washed off.

Ant baits, on the other hand, are a very effective tool against ants. The best kind of ant bait in a self-contained station that you place directly near the trail of ants. The bait used is a slow-acting poison. The foraging ants then enter the bait station and take the bait back to their nest to feed the entire colony.
If you are more inclined to remedies that are homemade and non-toxic to humans, you can make a simple solution of borax and a sweetener, such as sugar, honey or maple syrup. Borax is a cleaner found in every major grocery and home store. Mix about one part borax to three parts sweetener and add enough water to make it a paste. Place the paste near the foraging ants’ trail. Be forewarned, they will swarm the paste and sometimes for a few days. Again, this is a slow-acting solution so it can feed the whole nest, including the queen. After about 7 to 14 days, the ant colony should be wiped out.

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